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    Service and various repairs of some types of forming machines
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    Sale of spare parts according to original documentation
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Welcome to our new website

Every machine that is supposed to work accurately and quickly needs maintenance or servicing once in a while. That's why our company is here.

Our company

Espel-Servis was established in 1997. It consists of former employees of the Strojárne Piesok, who will provide you qualified service with many years of experience on the following forming machines (plate shears, profile shears, bending presses, bending machines, sheet and profile bending machines, tube bending machines).

Service work

  • Switchboard


    Switchboard renovation
  • NTE series mechanical shears

    NTE series mechanical shears

    Repair of stop on NTE shear
  • XOTH 40 hydraulic pipe bender

    Hydraulic bender

    XOTH 40 hydraulic pipe bender
  • Sheet metal bender

    Sheet metal bender

    XZM 2000/8 3-roll sheet metal bender
  • Rear motorized stop

    Rear motorized stop

    Rear motor stop for CTO 80 (160) series presses
  • Hydraulic shears

    Hydraulic shears

    CNTA 3150x6 hydraulic shears
  • Hydraulic shears

    Hydraulic shears

    Hydraulic shears LVD HST 13-31
  • Bending press

    Bending press

    Hydraulic press brake CTO 160/3200-E10
  • Profile shears

    Profile shears

    Profile shears NPM 10
  • Press brake

    Press brake

    Hydraulic press brake CTO 80

If you want to see more see our gallery.

Repairing machines is our job, but it's also our hobby.

Spare parts for sale

We have various kinds of spare parts and subcontracts for sale according to the original documentation of the machines
Spare parts
Spare parts

We have various types of spare parts for sale according to the original documentation for the machines:

Spare parts
For various types of machines such as presses, shears, benders, ...

For shears CNTA, NPM, NTA, NTC, NTE, NTH, ...

For mechanical and hydraulic shears
Seals, cuffs
Seals, cuffs

Various dimensions

Seals, cuffs
Different sets of seals and sleeves for forming machines
Control units
Control units

Designed for position control, regulation, ...

Control units
Various types of control units, modules

Filter FG 11 1AZL complete with filter inserts

Filters individual but also complete sets for different types of machines
Operating and maintenance manuals
Operating and maintenance manuals

Technical description, lubrication, operation, maintenance, possible malfunctions and their elimination, ...

Operating and maintenance manuals
Manuals for different types of machines in different languages
  • Repair of electronic modules in CNTA series shears.
  • Simplifying the electrical control of the NTE series mechanical shears
  • Remodeling of the control and electronics of the XZMP, XZCT series curving shears.
  • Modifications of the piston rebound of the rear stops of the CNTA series shears with guaranteed long-term error-free stop function.

Replacement of forming machines

We also provide exchanges of forming machines for new ones of the same type for generalized or even the possibility of buying back your used machine.